Friday, May 01, 2009

One Day At a Time...

Hey there 'Redheads... Welcome to Day 1 of Blog-A-Day in May. Happy May Day. May Day is a worldwide worker's holiday...except here in the US, which is why I'm hunting and pecking this installment at work. These bloglets are going to have a stream of consciousness flow to them.

The Nigerian lady who works in the office, and has no interior monologue, just said, "I think we're making too big a deal out of this swine flu." I'm going to go ahead and file that under Statements That Don't Need To Be Said Out Loud. They actually closed a school in Rockville because of one unconfirmed case. More deaths will result from truant kids getting hit by cars, than from swine flu...just sayin'...

The other day, I saw a car with a license plate that read, "Pearl Harbor Survivor". Besides being struck with a wave of patriotism, I found it odd that she was driving a Honda Accord. Nice to see she can forgive and forget. In my wildest dreams, the car was a surprise birthday gift.

See you tomorrow...

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