Monday, May 04, 2009

For Example...

Hey there 'Redheads... It's a dismal day 4 of Blog-A-Day in May. To cheer you up, here's an excerpt of am IM between my sister and I about my impossibly cute nephew, Moshe. Here's a quick cuteness refresher...

He fell down. Went boom. But a lesson was learned...

Lauren: yeah, don't know if mom or dad told you, he fell and banged his mouth pretty bad...

yeah, I heard that

he was all swollen for the past two days...didn't look like our little moshe

Jared: awww... poor kid... he chip a toof?

No, thank G-d...but he's really bruised and there are dark marks behind his 2 front teeth... the swelling went down today, but he still has a lot of bruising

that's how you learn not to stand on a rocking chair... he's wobbly enough without help

Lauren: the whole thing was so flukey... i always tell him not to stand on chairs

Jared: now the chair told him

Lauren: right

Jared: and the floor said, "told ya"

Lauren: uch, he was so sad

Jared: :o/

Lauren: no, the book case said "told ya"

Jared: OUCH

Lauren: mm hmm

Jared: this is why I don't read... books are a hazard

Lauren: lol

Jared: especially in cases

See you on Cinco...

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