Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Random Crap

Hey there, 'Redheads... It's finally Friday and this whole regular blogging thing is still humming despite my obvious lack of content. I was watching the Today Show this morning and they did a story on duct cleaning scams with Chris Hanson from Dateline. They had him pop out in some lady's basement to confront a shady duct tech. I bet that guy was too busy frantically thinking about every email and IM he's ever sent to concentrate on his shoddy workmanship.

Here are two videos that'll make your face melt, they're so awesome. First, here's a video of what I can only imagine is a ninja in his spare time...
This video pretty much tells Isaac Newton to go fuck himself. For this guy, gravity might as well be a speed limit sign. He can't drive 55. The next video is a piece of Bollywood brilliance, Endhiran...
Not even Michael Bay, in his wildest fever dreams, could come with something that insane. And how bad ass is that guy? He looks like Deepak Chopra's evil twin, ridding himself of negative emotions one bullet at a time. I'd actually like to see him take on the guy from the first video.

For those of you in the Arlington, VA area, I picked up a fill-in MC gig over at the Arlington Drafthouse tonight and tomorrow. Yeah, you only get about 5 minutes of me, but Tim Miller and Orny Adams will the there to pick up the slack.

See you Monday...

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