Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bump on the Road

Hey there 'Redheads...  We're up to Day 19 of Blog-A-Day in May...all downhill from here, in every sense of the phrase.  As you might remember, part of the purpose of the blogal experiment was to chronicle the whirlwind road schedule I had on my plate this month.  From a heaping helping of Harrisburg, to a decadent dinner of DC, the next course on the menu was a yummy...yam...of Youngstown (you try to alliterate with "y").  Well, turns out we had to send that dish back.  When I called the Funny Farm in Youngstown to confirm my weekend there, I discovered I was working with a guy called "Closed For Renovations".  

So, I'll be spending Memorial Day weekend here at home.  Fear not, I'll still have some comedy exploits to foist upon you as I'm competing in the May Madness tournament at the Comedy Spot.  64 comics go head to head in a bracket-style tournament for the eventual grand prize of $6,000.  I'm on the first show of the competition with local heavyweights Big Al Goodwin, Jake Young, Lucas Bohn, and Tim Miller.  Should be a great show.  Click the link for tix and info.

See ya tomorrow...

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