Thursday, February 16, 2006

66 Degrees of Bloggin'

Hey there 'Redheads... So happy it's Thursday. I hope all of you had a fun, if not misery free, Valentine's Day. Plenty of people asked me Hey Jared, what're you doing for Valentine's Day? Seething...thanks. Yes, I spent my V-Day inside, romancing my laundry...on the gentle cycle...I lit some and lint were in the air. It takes a special brand of loneliness to make it seem like the ads are mocking you (those couples...with their happiness). Anywho, I *heart* me, and that's all that counts.

On to more pressing issues. It was 66 degrees today. The area's worst blizzard was four days ago. Saturday, I thought I was going to have to subsist on toilet paper and milk sandwiches for the next, a penguin knocked on my door to ask to sublet my freezer. Did Channel 9's Topper Shutt run down a family of gypsies? That's the only way I can explain this weather. Tomorrow look for a high of 60 and lo...custs.

With the cock-tease of Spring, I decided to hop in the car and head out to support THE FOUR FUNNIEST COMICS EVER EVER EVER (I love titular's the BEST form of hyperbole ever...hehe...titular). The Chinese secrecy of Frank Hong, the whispery off-the-cuffitude of Rory Scovel, the dark bitterness of Norman Wilkerson, and the anecdotal silliness of Ryan Conner combined to form Devastator at Wiseacre's in Tyson's Corner. Unfortunately, at showtime, the audience size was inversely proportional to the promised hilarity. Just enough to make 'em plural. The crowd ended up filling out and a good time was had by all. Do yourself a favor, if you have a chance to see any of these four guys, do it. All inside-DC comedy blog jokes aside, they are among the funniest comics in the area. Come and see me sometime too...I'm easily in the top 100.


To be continued...


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